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10th Anniversary of the Incorporation of St. Peter the Rock Media

Today is the 10th anniversary of the incorporation of St. Peter the Rock Media. Here’s a message from the president of our board:

St. Peter The Rock Media became incorporated under the laws of Ohio on today’s date in 2014.  Confirmation of her status as a tax-exempt public charity followed soon afterward.  This date for her birth under the civil law was chosen to coincide with today’s Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, on which the universal Church in her prayer begs God to hear and be moved by the intercession of Saint Peter the Apostle, as well as that of Saint Paul, his co-guardian of the city made holy by the shedding of their blood as Martyrs:  that He will guarantee Rome’s fidelity to the deposit of Faith entrusted to her by its Author, our Lord Jesus Christ:  to Whom be honor and glory forever.  In your prayer today, please remember to thank God for the gift of Catholic radio in our city and across the country.

-Gerald A. Monroe, Esq. – President

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