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Catholic Radio Works!

“We had a presentation at my parish St. Colette a number of weeks back and I’m now an active listener. Love the station!” – Glen Stout

“I love The Rock! I always have my radio tuned into it. I feel it is absolutely essential these days to bring Catholic teaching and philosophy to the public.” – Michelle Joseph

“Received first newsletter edition of Upon This Rock. Extremely inspiring and spiritual… sharing the faith with so many like-minded people on the path to God. Love the articles- I have the AM 1260 magnets on my car bumper hoping someone sees and experiences the day long program. I was missing something in my spiritual education since my theology teacher in ’69 at Benedictine high school. He was tough on us; we were never right. I thought since then I’d like to know what he taught. So I was thinking of some theology courses. But with your station, I can listen all day long and learn from the many theologians, especially Fr. Mitch Pacwa. I love the women that host the programs, especially Johnette Benkovic Williams. Thanks be to God for all of you that bring so much spirituality into our lives every day.”

“Been listening for over a year, learned from radio about Catholic Coming Home. Started going to classes, went to confession, and have been going to Mass ever since!”

“I’m honored to participate in AM 1260. You’re an essential part of my day because your broadcasts are MEANINGFUL.”

“Finally a Catholic radio station in Northeast Ohio. How awesome is that.”

What does Catholic radio mean to you? Submit your story here.