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Special Programming

Daily Local News

Aired twice between 7 and 9 AM, and twice between 3:30 and 6 PM, Monday through Friday.

No need to switch away from the Rock to get vital news in our area.

Thanks to our sponsor, Catholic Cemeteries Association, for sponsoring this new and important piece of our broadcast lineup.

Spiritual Communion

My dear Lord and Savior.  Though I am, but a sinful servant, I approach you with confidence.  I am truly sorry for having offended you by my sins, because you are infinitely good.  I have a great desire to receive You in Holy Communion, and since I can not now be united to you in the Blessed Sacrament, I beseech You most earnestly to come to me at least spiritually and to refresh my soul with the sweetness of your grace.

Come my Lord, my God and my all.  Come to me and let me never again be separated from you by sin.  I wish to become like You. Teach me your blessed ways. Help me with your grace to practice meekness; humility; purity; charity and all the virtues of your sacred heart.  Oh, my Jesus! I consecrate to you my heart with all its affections, my soul with all its powers and my body with all its senses.  

In union with you I will live and labor and suffer to do the heavenly Father’s will.  I will ever be mindful of the presence of my God and strive to be perfect. Bless me in life and in death, that I may praise You forever in heaven.  Amen.