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coverage map for websiteAM 1260 The Rock

  • Reaches two million souls day and night.
  • Provides a strong Cleveland radio signal that is heard in the home.
  • Reaches commuters with a consistent signal during morning and afternoon drives.
  • Serves the Diocese of Cleveland as a Lay Apostolate.

Signal Information

  • 10,000 wattage – day
  • 5,000 wattage – night
  • Strong signal, especially North and South
  • Available online via website and apps

Due to FCC restrictions, we are currently unable to increase our signal but hope to do so in the future.

Click “Listen Now” at the top right of the page to listen online, or visit the apple app store or google play store to download the AM 1260 The Rock app. Call (631) 856-9743 to listen by phone. 


  • 60% female; 40% male
  • 18% under 30 yrs / 25% 40-49 yrs / 57% 50+ yrs
  • 92% listen five or more days a week

Join our mission

Together we can do more!  According to a Pew report, only 30% of Catholics attend Mass at least once a month and more people are leaving the Church than are coming into the Church. Catholic radio is the most effective mass media available to proclaim the Gospel, teach the Faith, and inspire hope.

AM 1260 The Rock attacks luke-warmness.  Nationally, Mass attendance is declining,  secularization is increasing, and there is a lack of understanding of our Faith.

  • AM 1260 The Rock reaches commuters.  According to a Nielsen survey, over 90% of commuters say they listen to radio.  The average Cleveland work commute is 47.8 minutes.

According to the Catholic Radio Association Survey

  • Nine out of 10 Catholic radio listeners said CatholicBroadcast Pattern w ZIP-1
    radio inspired them to become more spiritually engaged.
  • Half of Catholic radio listeners are lapsed or non-Catholics.
  • Seven out of 10 listeners said they are more likely to tithe.

To download the map to see more details click here.

*Catholic Radio Association. 2011. Listener estimate based on 10% of 750.000 Catholics in the Cleveland Diocese.