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Special Interview with Fr. Frank Pavone on The Leaked Supreme Court Ruling on Roe V. Wade

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, is featured on a special program this Wednesday morning at 8:00 on AM 1260 The Rock.  In a half-hour conversation with The Rock’s Dick Russ, Fr. Pavone talks about the leaked U.S. Supreme Court draft decision, which overrules Roe v. Wade.

Fr. Pavone advises those who are pro-life, especially priests and clergy, about what they can and should do now in light of the anticipated overturning of Roe, and the sometimes violent and vicious backlash which is starting to be unleashed by pro-abortion activists.
The program also provides a list of online resources to help priests and lay people stay informed and learn the proper responses and reaction to both the decision, and to the actions of pro-abortion people, including family members and friends.

These online resources include:

You can only hear this interview on AM 1260 The Rock. It will be broadcast Wednesday, May 11, at 8:00AM! Tune in on your radio, on, or in the AM 1260 The Rock app.