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EWTN Radio Launches “Conversations with Consequences”

EWTN Radio Launches ‘Conversations with Consequences’ A Weekly Radio Show from the Network’s D.C. Studios and carried on AM 1260 The Rock

Irondale, AL (EWTN) – The EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network will launch a weekly radio show Feb. 1 from the Network’s Washington, D.C. studios. “Conversations with Consequences,” a co-production of EWTN and Guadalupe Radio Network, features the powerhouse staff of The Catholic Association. The show premieres 5 p.m. ET, Saturdays, beginning Feb. 1 on EWTN Radio. (Find EWTN radio at 

“Whether discussing issues of Life, Religious Liberty, the Church, or Human Dignity, listeners can expect an intelligent and thoughtful conversation from a faithful Catholic perspective with the leading thinkers of our time. EWTN is proud to bring this new program to our audience,” said EWTN Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael P. Warsaw. 

February is jam-packed. Upcoming guests include George Weigel, who will discuss Cardinal George Pell, who many believe is imprisoned in Australia for a crime he didn’t commit, the abuse crisis and religious liberty; Mary Rice Hasson, who will discuss transgenderism and gender ideology; U.S. Congressman Chris Smith, who will discuss pro-life issues from a federal perspective; and U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, who will discuss religious liberty issues. 

“Our idea is to have a conversation, most of the time with guests but sometimes with each other, that is intellectual enough to spark consequences of thought – different ways of looking at difficult subjects – in our listeners,” said Dr. Grazie Christie, the show’s host who will be familiar to many EWTN viewers from her appearances on “Morning Glory,” “EWTN Pro-Life Weekly,” and “EWTN News Nightly.” “We thought there was room for a show where we could take the time to tackle issues in a deeper way than normally can be done on radio. I also think 

it’s important that we are well-informed professional women and well as mothers and wives. The culture is always telling us what’s good for women. It’s important for women themselves to be in that conversation, to say this is the real world as we’re experiencing it.” 

Dr. Christie, a practicing physician, embodies this concept as she is also the mother of five. Her team includes Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, CA’s Legal Advisor and mother of 10, whose extensive legal career includes work as an appellate attorney; Maureen Malloy Ferguson, CA Senior Fellow, mother of five and a former National Right to Life Committee spokeswoman and Congressional liaison; and Ashley McGuire, CA Senior Fellow, author (“Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female”), editor of the Institute for Family Studies blog, a policy fellow with the American Conservative Union Foundation, and a mother of three.