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A Big Day for AM 1260 The Rock

Dear Listeners,
Today is a big day for AM 1260 The Rock, for a couple of reasons.
It is the final day of our Fall 2020 Spirit Drive, our semi-annual 3-day pledge drive where we come to you, our family, to humbly ask for your support of Catholic radio in Cleveland.  You always come through for us, and, despite, a lot that is happening around us that demands our attention, we are hopeful that we will finish the drive right where God wants it to be.  We trust in His Divine Providence and in your generosity.
Today is also AM 1260 The Rock’s 3rd Annual Day of Prayer and Fasting for Priests.  If there has ever been a time when our Pope, our Bishops, and our clergy need the prayerful support of the laity, it is now.  We hope that you can take some time out of your day to pray for, fast, and/or do some act of penance in spiritual support of a priest who has been instrumental in your growth in faith, or for an unknown priest who may be struggling, tempted, discouraged or suffering. AM 1260 The Rock has developed a charism of prayerful support for our priests; this is particularly important to me as my late brother served as a priest for our diocese.
You see, AM 1260 The Rock is first and foremost your 24/7 Catholic radio station, disseminating the Truth of the Catholic faith in a time of uncertainty in the culture and in the Church,  broadcasting faithful programming, prayers and devotionals, catechesis, and much more.  But we are also a lay apostolate, working to not only evangelize through the Cleveland airwaves, but to be a beacon of Catholic life in the local Church by being a destination for news, information, support and opportunities that reflect the life of the Church within the listening area.
By making your gift to AM 1260 The Rock, you not only support the sharing of the faith through our programming, you support all the work of the apostolate, our community outreach, live broadcasts and events, and all that we do to bring Jesus to you and those you love.
If you have already made a gift to our Fall Spirit Drive, we thank you for all that you make possible.  If you have not made a gift or pledge, please call us today 216-227-1260, or go online at AM 1260 The Rock to join the family.  We need your support to continue what began with a meeting in Strongsville in 2013, and continues to touch the hearts of Northeast Ohio with the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Thank you in advance for your generosity, and pray for our priests!
Bernadette Boguski
Executive Director
145 Ken Mar Industrial Parkway
Broadview Heights, OH 44147