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Dear Listener,
I hope you are enjoying what has been a beautiful, sunny summer in Northeast Ohio.  In addition to all that summer brings, it is also the time when many of us tackle those big home improvement projects, or, in our case, radio station improvement projects.
In 2015, AM 1260 The Rock took over the license, station and equipment previously owned by Radio Disney, and owned by others before them.  In our efforts to bring hearts (and souls) to know our Lord more intimately, love Him more deeply, and share the joy of the Gospel, we have worked to maintain our facilities and equipment while being careful stewards of your generous gifts.
In 2020, through your generosity, we purchased and installed a new transmitter. While our transmitter is working beautifully, other components of our transmission equipment are in need of improvements, including:
  • the roof of the transmitter building
  • the ground wire system that works with our towers to broadcast our signal.
Other projects looming in the near future include:
  • the studio computers that schedule and air our programming.
We would be remiss not to address these projects and to wait until we had a much larger issue, or, heaven forbid, experience an interruption in our programming/broadcast.  These projects are outside of our operating budget.
Can you help? We are hoping to raise $25,000 in ONE DAY, Wednesday, July 20th toward these and other projects. Join Debbie Georgianni, our chaplain Fr. Doug Brown, and various surprise guests as we invite you to help us help others hear the Good News of our Catholic faith, for as St. Paul said in Romans 10, “faith comes from what is heard.”
While EWTN provides their programming at no cost to us (and for which we are grateful), the maintenance, repair and operation of our facilities and equipment is OUR responsibility.  We are a lay-operated, listener-funded apostolate, and we rely on your generosity and God’s Divine Providence.
To make your tax-deductible gift, at whatever level you are able, visit, textam1260′ to 243725, or call us at 216-227-1260 from 8 am to 6 pm Wednesday, July 20th.  Catholic radio in Cleveland is thriving in our eighth year because of your generous support; let’s keep it going!   Please also encourage others to tune in on Wednesday.
Can’t wait ’til Wednesday?  Visit AM 1260 The Rock 24/7 and click on ‘donate.’
Thank you in advance for your generosity, and may God bless you.
Bernadette Boguski
Executive Director