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2023 Spring Spirit Drive

Thank you so much for participating in our 2023 Spring Spirit Drive! We’re so close to our goal and you can still help get there! Everyone who gives online through the weekend will be eligible for our donation premium gifts (while supplies last) and will also be entered to win the EWTN Pilgrimage! Our volunteers are taking a well deserved rest and will not be taking calls during the weekend.

Our hourly drawings have ended! If you won, we’ll try to contact you!

Click the image for details on how to win a pilgrimage to EWTN for two!

Donors will receive various gifts based on donation levels. There’s even a special gift for new donors. Click the image to see the full list!

Listen on April 26, 27, and 28 to Debbie Georgianni, Fr. Doug Brown, and many special guests as we enjoy our 2023 Spring Spirit Drive.

We’ll be giving away prizes each hour, the will be great premium items for donors, and there will even be an opportunity to win a pilgrimage for two to the EWTN headquarters in Alabama!

There is an official definition of a miracle in the Church, and then there’s they way God works to call us each home to Him every day. Some might chalk certain events up to chance, but we know that God promised us His help. Do you believe in miracles?

Mother Angelica depended on God’s help to build EWTN and we continue the trend. God inspired people to support Mother Angelicas work and we hope He will do the same for us.

We at AM 1260 The Rock are asking for your support and praying that God inspires you to keep the mission of evangelization through radio strong in Cleveland.

Catholic Answers on the Early Church and Miracles

Catholic Answers on Miracles

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