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St. Blaise

Blaise was a hard-working bishop dedicated to encouraging the spiritual and physical health of his people  in Sebastea, Armenia.

Although the Edict of Toleration which granted freedom of worship in the Roman empire had been signed five years prior, religious persecution still raged in the country. Blaise was forced to flee to the countryside.

According to a legend, a mother came to him with her young son who had a fish bone lodged in his throat. At Bishop Blaise’s command, the child coughed up the bone.

In 316 he was beheaded for not sacrificing to the pagan gods.  The account of his life was written nearly 400 years later.

The Germans and Slavs hold him in special honor and for decades many United States Catholics have sought the annual St. Blaise blessing for their throats.

Special Thanks to the Catholic News Agency for supplying the information on this saint.

Catholic News Agency