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Spirit Drive Day 2!

Dear Listener,
As you may know, we began our Spring Spirit Drive yesterday, and thanks to so many of you, we had a great first day, but we have two more days in which to raise the funds needed to continue providing quality Catholic programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We have entrusted this pledge drive to the intercession of St. Joseph. Pope Francis has proclaimed this The Year of St. Joseph.  And with good reason.  As we learned today by reading some of the titles of this great saint, St. Joseph is our model for so many things including living a just and chaste life, being the guardian of the Savior, and a model of workers.  We will continue to learn more about him in the coming days of the drive.
We heard from many of you today about what this station, AM 1260 The Rock, means to you.  We heard from a listener who came into the Church because of The Rock, and we heard from a new donor who learned about the Rock from our bumper magnets and is now “hooked” (his word).  Catholic radio continues to impact hearts and souls in ways we can never imagine.  It is an intimate encounter between the listener and the program host, guest, or caller.  But more importantly, it is an intimate encounter between the listener and God, who is reaching that person through Catholic radio.  We cannot underestimate what miracles God can work in people’s lives through this tool in His hands.  It is our job to maintain it and to be good stewards of all that is given, so that the Holy Spirit can inspire, transform, and lead souls to Christ.
All of this depends on your generous support.  Your gifts helped bring someone into the Church.  Your gifts helped that new donor find us and have a transformation in his life.  You did that with your gifts.  How awesome is that?!
If you have not yet made a gift, please make this the drive, this the time that you pick up the phone, go online, or pick up your mobile device and make a gift.  You can also text AM1260 to 243725 and make a gift from your mobile device.  It’s that easy.
Join us today as we welcome Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, author of The Consecration to St. Joseph, which is now published in multiple languages and is giving us a deeper appreciation of St. Joseph. In addition to Fr. Calloway, we will talk with the four young men who, God willing, will be ordained to the priesthood in May.  We also will talk with Bishop Roger Gries, our beloved retired auxiliary Bishop of Cleveland.
Debbie Georgianni and Fr. Doug Brown, chaplain of AM 1260 The Rock, will get us started early in the morning.  Don’t miss a minute!
St. Joseph, pray for us.
Bernadette Boguski
Executive Director