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Father Emil Kapaun: 18 Things Every Catholic Should Know About This Heroic Priest

(T-L) Father Emil Kapaun celebrating Mass using the hood of a Jeep as his altar, Oct 7, 1950. (T-R) Father Emil Kapaun (center) poses for a picture with members of his congregation after celebrating his first mass as a priest at St. John Nepomucene Church in Pilsen, Kan., in 1940. (B-L) Emil Kapaun and his mother, Bessie, prior to his ordination to the priesthood in 1939. (B-M) Photos and mementos on display at his parish in Pilsner. (B-R) Servant of God Fr. Emil Joseph Kapaun was a Roman Catholic Priest and United States Army captain who served as a United States Army chaplain during World War II and the Korean War.

“The life of the Holy Family was a life of true happiness. In order to have happiness in our Christian families we must practice the virtue of self-sacrifice.” — Father Emil Kapaun