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St. Peter The Rock Media President to address First Friday Club of Cleveland

Jerry Monroe, President of St. Peter The Rock Media, will address the First Friday Club of Cleveland on Thursday, August 31st at the City Club of Cleveland.  Details can found here.

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The Martyrs of September

The September Martyrs are a group of 191 faithful Christians who were martyred at the hands of the French Revolution on September 2 and 3, 1792. After refusing to take an oath in support of the civil consititution of the

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St. Augustine

Today, August 28, the Church honors St. Augustine. Augustine was born at the town of Tagaste (now Souk-Ahras, in modern day Algeria) on November 13, 354 and grew to become one the most significant and influential thinkers in the history of

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Pope St. Pius X

Pope Pius X, born Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto, was the first Pope elected in the 20th century. He came to the papal office in 1903 and died 11 years later in 1914, just as World War I was beginning. He was

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St. Hyacinth

St. Hyacinth was one of the first members of the Dominicans (the Order of Preachers) and the “apostle of the North”, and is also called the “Apostle of Poland.”Hyacinth was born into nobility in 1185 at the castle of Lanka,

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